3 Best XMarks Alternatives


Xmarks, formerly Foxmarks, is a defunct bookmark synchronization add-on for web browsers. The add-on was developed by San Francisco-based company Foxmarks which was founded in 2006 by Mitch Kapor and was acquired by LastPass in December 2010. Also Read Cisco Packet Tracer.

XMarks was a bookmarks synchronization service which could be used to synchronize your bookmarks across multiple browsers as well as multiple devices. I used “was” because XMarks is being discontinued by LogMeIn on 1st May 2018. In this article, we will discuss the best XMarks alternatives available for bookmarks synchronization across multiple browsers and platforms.

In today’s world, using multiple web browsers is a norm. But it can get problematic when you have to synchronize your data across all the browsers you are using. Of-course you can manually use the browser’s import and export facility for synchronizing the data but it’s always the most efficient solution.

Let’s first discuss the best XMarks alternatives available online for bookmarks synchronization and then we’ll do the actual migration of bookmarks from XMarks to other services.

Best XMarks Alternatives



Start.me is more of an all in one services which offers widgetized start page where you can configure different widgets of news, notes, RSS feeds, boomarks and other widgets which include weather, email, calendar, todo-list etc.

The interface is quite user-friendly and adding new blocks/widgets is easily done using a single + button. The user can use drage and drop interface for organizing blocks and widgets on the homepage.

The drawback of Start.me is that it does not synchronize the browser bookmarks. You will need to add bookmarks inside the Start.me extension to synchronize with the Start.me account.



Raindrop.io is another bookmarks synchronization service which is very much like Start.me but apart from the traditional bookmarks, it can save and organize other types of data like articles, photos, screenshots etc.

Raindrop.io gives users an easier way to organize with auto-suggest tags, thematic collections, bulk operations etc.

Once installed an extension on your browser, you can easily access your synchronized bookmarks from the toolbar icon.

The only thing that I didn’t like about Raindrop.io was that it didn’t automatically synchronize the browser bookmarks. For automatic synchronization, you will need to save your bookmarks using Raindrop.io extension.



RoboForm is advertised as a password manager and digital wallet but it can synchronize bookmarks as well. It is the best combination for any user to have passwords and bookmarks together on every device.

RoboForm is free to use if you don’t want to synchronize all your data across all devices. Otherwise you can get the Pro license which is only $19.95/year which includes automatic synchronization and other features.

Other Alternatives to XMarks

I have tried many other XMarks alternatives for bookmarks synchronization but either they were very complex or they lacked basic functionality in their free versions. That is why I have not included them in the above list. Here is the list of bookmark sync tools and services that I have tried:




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Final Conclusion

While I can’t find any service which is exactly the same as XMarks, I prefer to use RoboForm which can save my passwords as well as bookmarks and notes securely. How do you backup or synchronize your bookmarks across browsers?




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